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What exactly is waxing?
Waxing is the removal of unwanted body hair. Wax Avenue can be used by both men and women for waxing the entire body.
There are two types of wax: hardwax and softwax.
At Wax Avenue we use the hard wax (hot film wax or film resin) for the most sensitive body parts (pubic area, armpits, face).
This hard wax only adheres to the hair and not to the skin and must first harden by itself before it can be removed.
The soft wax (strip wax) is used at Wax Avenue for all other body parts. A thin layer is applied with a spatula after which the wax is removed with a honeycomb strip.

Why wax?
Waxing is a fast, affordable way to enjoy smooth skin for a long time. The hair stays away for 3 to 6 weeks.

What is the difference between waxing and resins?
Waxing is a method that many beauticians use and you often see in beauty salons. Resins often use a roller with which the resin is applied to the skin and then removed with strips. This method is fairly easy to learn by anyone, but does not provide the best result.
Waxing is the way in which the wax is applied to the skin with a spatula, the so-called spatula technique, this method ensures the least discomfort and the best result.

How long must my hair be before I can wax?
The most comfortable length for you as a customer and for us as a waxer is 0.5 cm. Short hairs cannot be removed and with longer hair waxing is more painful.
The maximum length is therefore 1.5 cm. Make sure your hair is no longer than this.

How can I best prepare for waxing?
It is best not to shave 2 hours before consuming a treatment at Wax Avenue. If you freshen up at home, we can start immediately and quickly.

How is a treatment at Wax Avenue?
At Wax Avenue we strive to have no waiting times, so we take our treatment time a bit longer compared to other wax salons in the Netherlands. If you are not in a hurry, a delicious glass of home-brewed Detox water or a cup of coffee or tea is available here. We will then take you to one of our furnished booths where we will ask you to freshen up if necessary and to remove your clothes. Then the waxer comes back and will start the pre-treatment to prevent irritation on the skin. When this step is completed, we will start applying the hard or soft wax with spatulas, after which we remove the wax including hairs with or without strips from your body.

What should or should I not do after waxing?
It is important that you do not shave after a treatment and that you do not get into a warm environment (sauna, steam bath, etc.). This can cause irritation in the "opened hair follicles".

Is waxing painful?
It is not completely painless, but our customers generally indicate that the wax works very fine and provides much less pain than other waxes.

What exactly should I take off during a treatment?
We only ask you to take off your clothes at the place where you will be waxing. When waxing the pubic area, your underwear will also have to be removed unless you only have your bikini waxed.

I've never done it before, I'm a wax virgin, now what?
To attempt! We can tell you exactly how it works and will ensure that you feel optimally comfortable before, during and after the treatment. We always plan a little more time for this.

Can I wax during my pregnancy?
Yes that is certainly possible and no problem at all. We have special pregnancy methods for this.

When is waxing not recommended?
If you suffer from sensitive skin, we do not recommend waxing.

What type of wax does Wax Avenue use?

We have 2 types of wax;

Hard-wax and soft-wax


We use the hard-wax for the most sensitive areas; pubic area, armpits, face

Hard wax we bring on warm and flexible, when it cools down it gets hard and then we remove it by hand.


We use the soft wax for all the other parts of your body.

Soft wax we bring on with a wooden spatula while its warm and sticky, then we remove it with a strip.


Can I wax when I’m pregnant?

Yes for sure! We are specialised in waxing pregnant ladies, we have special techniques to make it as comfortable as possible!

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